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First off, I love love. I am a hopeless romantic and have been since I was a little girl. My childhood crushes included Devon Sawa, Hanson, and Leonardo DiCaprio. When I wasn't drooling over their posters on my wall, I was living vicariously through the romances of my Barbies, longing for the day I got to have a husband of my own. I'm here to tell you I'm 34 and I'm still unmarried, but that's okay! I'm photographing your day the way I would want mine remembered; down to the intricate details that might get overlooked or underappreciated by the naked eye, but those in the know, you know they know ;)

Your wedding is a moment in time meant to be soaked up as it's unfolding. I'm here to try and capture the day as if it were my own, with care and consideration for every person, place, and thing you've selected to share this with. I'm not here to interfere; I'm here to capture the sparkle in your mom's eye when she watches the Father/Daughter dance; the way your partner wraps their hand around your waist when you're mingling with guests. I'm here to capture those itty bitty things that made you fall in love with each other in the first place.

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