Hi! I'm Mollie Crowe, the lady behind the lens of Little Blackbird Photo. In 2015, I poured my heart into my business for one simple reason: I'm inspired by the energy of live music. Give me pre-show hangs in the green room, truck stop shenanigans, highway singalongs, and golden hour sunsets any day of the week. I'm the kind of person who is so deeply moved by the music, that I have no choice but to capture it. Candid and intimate moments with raw emotion have a special place in my heart and after years of documenting weddings and portrait sessions, I've developed an eye for knowing when those moments will unfold. 

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I'm a free spirit with an old soul; a wallflower and a daydreamer. Somewhere between a hippie and an emo kid. I'm the type of person who always carries pen and paper because my mind moves a mile a minute. I find comfort in rainy afternoons, solo joyrides, and the bass lines of '70s rock songs. I was born a week late and ever since, I've been the kind of gal who blooms on her own time. I love everything about what I do as a photographer, and I hope you like what you see!


My dream is to travel the world documenting the grungy, fleeting and uncensored moments of concert photography through bold, live stills. I've got a sentimental heart and I'm passionate about creating art that evokes a sense of wonder like when Dorothy opens the door to Oz and everything turns into color.

If you aren't afraid to dream big, I think we're going to be good friends. But first, I need to know your name ☺. So, click below to send me a message!