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Summer Camp in Indy with The Vindys

When I was young, I used to get homesick while at sleepovers fairly easily. In fact, there's a funny story about how I called my dad to pick me up in the middle of a night at my friends house without alerting her parents (you can imagine their panic when they woke up and I was gone). Obviously everything turned out fine, but it's amazing how that little girl grew up into the woman I've become, who loves nothing more than road trips and going on adventures. Since last year, I've added many miles to my odometer, visited and stayed in new places, and stumbled upon many magical things along the way. Serendipity has become a familiar friend of mine, and I wouldn't have it otherwise.

WonderRoad Fest is what brought my sweet friend Alexa, The Vindys and myself to Indianapolis the weekend of June 11th, 2022. They were set to perform at 3 o'clock on the Hi-Fi Stage, in-between local act Fern Murphy and Goldpark of Nashville. Our weekend was met with late nights, swapping stories, exchanging pleasantries, a lot of potato chips, coffee, raindrops, new friends, art, music, and bliss. I hope we reflect on these memories someday with warm thoughts of comfortable silence on the road and getting lost in the crowd. While I can't speak for everyone else, I'm grateful for that endless summer feeling. These are the quiet and wondrous little things that aren't so little, for which I hold an infinite amount of space in my heart. I've worked a lifetime for days like these and appreciate both Alexa and The Vindys for letting me be part of their story while encouraging me to write my own.

Photos captured by Mollie Crowe (Little Blackbird Photo) and Alexa Anthony on June 11th, 2022.

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