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Meet the Photographer

Since my childhood, I've had a passion for photography. Over the years, I've captured everything from street art to live performances, pet and family portraits, and every other detail in-between. The moments I capture and the stories I tell through photography are as personal and intimate as sharing excerpts from my journal.


Meet the Person


While talking about myself makes my skin crawl, I'd like to introduce myself so you know what to expect when you book with me. First and foremost, hi! My name is Mollie Crowe. At first glance, most will say I’m shy and reserved. But once you get to know me, you’ll see I’m a bit of a wildcard with the temperament of a golden retriever, forever getting overly excited whenever I’m doing what I love or with the people I love most. 

My favorite things include thrifting, reading, collecting trinkets and kitsch treasures, going on road trips and checking out local breweries, book stores and record shops. But at my core, I’m a total homebody and will never pass the opportunity to cuddle up with my partner Jordan or our pets Binx, Lazarus, or Meowzebub.

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