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I'm a passionate professional with expertise in photography, design, and marketing, dedicated to fostering positive team dynamics and inspiring others. My diverse skills, coupled with a love for community engagement and digital storytelling, position me as a valuable asset to collaborative teams.

In every role, I consistently seek and execute marketing and promotional opportunities with originality and creativity. Adept at planning inventive urban media events, I establish contact with press members, convey key talking points, and manage press reports. I communicate programmatic updates and achievements to stakeholders and collaborate with community partners, I foster relationships that enhance public awareness of the organization's vision and mission. Additionally, I develop marketing promotions to stimulate economic growth and support over 250 businesses, property owners, and institutions.

On the photography front, I meticulously plan pre-shoot preparations, including location scouting and storyboarding for various purposes. Utilizing Adobe Lightroom, I enhance and retouch photographs, delivering high-quality assets to clients. Beyond photography, I manage social media accounts, create content, and handle administrative duties.


In previous roles, I organized events, managed administrative tasks, and supported management in scheduling appointments and creating presentations. Proficient in digital marketing campaigns and design, I've utilized tools like Meta Business Suite, Google AdWords, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, MailChimp, and Microsoft Office. My commitment to maintaining organized records and delivering exceptional results makes me a versatile and dedicated professional.

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