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Death Cab Brings 'Asphalt Meadows' to Pittsburgh

Death Cab For Cutie Brings ‘Asphalt Meadows’ tour to Pittsburgh on Monday, October 10th, 2022 at Stage AE with special guest Thao Nguyen.

Golden hour skies wrapped around Stage AE as fans eagerly awaited for the doors to open. I overhear the person behind me saying there are 20 minutes until they'll let us in but I'm not complaining - I got here early enough to snag free street parking, grab my photo badge and ticket from the box office, and my place in line isn't too shabby. Once inside, I'm immediately met with a rush of fans making their way to the merch table, bar, restrooms, pit and stairs. It's the equivalent of everyone standing in the aisle on an airplane as soon as it lands. Anyway, I immediately made a bee line across the room and order chicken tenders (my #1 comfort food) until the music begins.

Around 8:00, my eyes and ears were met with what I can only compare to some of the most badass icons - Joan Jett, Bjork, and Barbie (specifically Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie aesthetic). If you've not yet listened to Thao Nguyen or her former project, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, now is your chance. Thao's energy and confidence feel completely tangible, and it didn't hurt that she opted to dress herself in sequins (seriously, I couldn't look away, she was literally so pretty and shiny). It reminded me of being a kid and playing with my dolls and having them perform rock shows for my stuffed animals. It's refreshing to see women own the stage and sing with the guts of a teenage girl belting into her hairbrush into the mirror. Thank goodness people like Thao exist and share themselves with the world - their set lit a fire under my butt and was the perfect pregame to what would be the absolute madness, chaos, and dream known as Death Cab For Cutie.

As soon as "I Don't Know How I Survive" begins, I'm ready to lose my mind. Ben Gibbard, one of THE most influential songwriters of my generation, is about to perform and I have the absolute honor and privilege of freezing time and collecting moments while basking in his glory because the man is a genius. On tour promoting their newest album, 'Asphalt Meadows,' Death Cab For Cutie didn't waste any time getting things going. They visited familiar favorites like "The New Year," "A Movie Script Ending," and "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," while carefully weaving in songs off the new album such as "Here to Forever" and "Rand McNally." The new and old ebbed and flowed together so seamlessly, further confirming and solidifying their longevity as artists. While this was only my second time seeing Death Cab in concert, I knew that this wouldn't just be a performance, but an experience. Through the vibrant, synchronized lighting design by Michael Brown, they achieved just that - all I can say is, what I would give to be a fly on the wall during their jam sessions. My mind is still blown and my heart is forever full. If you've not yet had the chance to see them perform, there's still time. Ben and the boys will be on the road promoting 'Asphalt Meadows' through the end of this month and will pick things back up in January and February.

All photographs captured by Mollie Crowe. Copyright (C) 2022 Little Blackbird Photo. All Rights Reserved.


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