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It's been so long since I've heard the phrase "sold-out show" that I was a little intimidated about shooting KALEO at House of Blues Cleveland. But then I looked around the room and saw an eclectic mix of music lovers; one of which reminded me how cool it is to be able to go around and photograph concerts. That small act of kindness is what I love about music - the way it can bring people from all walks of life together through song, even if it's only for three to five minutes.

Sold-out sign at House of Blues Cleveland.
Photographed by Mollie Crowe, April 11th 2022 at House of Blues Cleveland.

The show opened with Myron Elkins, a native of Michigan and current resident of Nashville, and his band The Dying Breed. If Tom Waits slow danced with Chris Stapleton, you'd end up with Myron, and you won't be disappointed if you check out his EP, "Just Another Asshole With a Guitar." Applause, whistles and cheers filled the room from floor to ceiling as Myron's powerful, soulful voice serenaded the crowd. You can check him and the boys in the coming months as the opener for Lucero.

My first memory of KALEO was hearing the beautiful, dreamy work of lyrical poetry known as "All The Pretty Girls," on the airwaves of The Summit FM in 2016. Their sound has evolved with a commanding heartbeat, words sung from the gut, and intricate melodies and harmonies that it's no wonder why the crowd was cheering as soon as they opened their set with "Break My Baby" and "Alter Ego." But it wasn't until the lights were turned low and the haunting whistle intro of "I Can't Go on Without You" did the show really begin. To be honest, I still feel goosebumps thinking about it and the moments that followed between seeing the packed house from the balcony to feeling the music in my bones. So if you need me, I'll be listening to their entire catalog on repeat for the next two weeks straight.

All photographs captured by Mollie Crowe on April 11th 2022 at House of Blues Cleveland.

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