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"Kind people are my kind of people."

Honestly, this wasn't the title I envisioned. There's often a voice inside me who tells me I'm not enough, and sometimes it says I'm nothing at all. For as long as I can remember, I've been afraid to truly to go against the grain for fear of rejection and being exiled. Much like the rest of the world, my eyes have opened a lot in the last few years. I ask a lot more questions, I've made a commitment to take care of my mental health, and created space for better things in my life. Being in therapy and doing the work to heal from past trauma has led me to the person I want to be for the duration of my journey here on earth:

I want to be the kind of person I would have looked up to when I was 17.

The one who would have told me, "It's okay to be quiet. You're not too sensitive and you don't need to change who you are to be more interesting. Your tribe will find you; open yourself to the possibility there are people who want to know and celebrate you. Don't worry about trying to impress anyone, it's too exhausting trying to be anything but yourself anyway. You don't need anyone to validate your experiences, feelings or accomplishments. You are enough and it's okay to take up space."

So I'd like to dedicate my very first blog post to that girl, who after 16 years is finally a music (photo)journalist. You deserve this, lil baby!


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