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(Not So) Silently Screaming for Bad Suns

Bad Suns took over Millvale's resident gem, Mr. Smalls Theatre on Tuesday, October 18th 2022.

I was fortunate enough to catch Bad Suns earlier this year in Detroit at The Majestic Theater and immediately became a fan upon hearing songs like “Peachy,” “Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me,” and “Heartbreaker''. Being able to catch them on their Apocalypse Whenever North America tour a second time as a photographer is a privilege, especially knowing the words to some of their songs this time. On Tuesday evening at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, the boys made a tour stop along with Last Dinosaurs and Quarters Of Change, who opened the show.

If you've ever been to a show at Mr. Smalls and stood at the front, on behalf of all photographers, I apologize. The photo pit is awkwardly cut into the stage, requiring the photographers to hoist themselves on stage left or right, walk across and down into this narrow (and shallow) pit where standing isn’t an option so you have to kneel or squat while uncomfortably craning your neck. This pit is *exactly* why the “first three songs, no flash” rule was created and there’s no doubt this old fart will feel it in the morning.

From opening the show with “Heaven Is A Place In My Head” to shaking things up with fan favorite “Baby Blue Shades,” Bad Suns didn’t disappoint with their energy, charisma, and catchy pop hooks that instantly put me in a better mood and warm me up like sunshine, even when it’s 30 degrees in October in Pittsburgh.

Words and photos by Mollie Crowe. Copyright (C) 2022 Little Blackbird Photo. All Rights Reserved.


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