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Untitled Cemetery Session

"I'd rather be alone with the dead than lonely among the living."

The air smells like a burning candle melting inside a freshly carved jack o'lantern this time of year. The sound of the leaves pressed between my boots and the pavement reminds me of running from door-to-door in the neighborhood and filling my pillowcase with my treats to satisfy my incurable sweet tooth. The feeling of wiggling my toes around in the socks I specifically picked out because of their design - a little girl riding a bicycle with the word "Hellraiser" proudly stitched above her head. The weight of silence in the company of the deceased is a reminder of making it count, time is fleeting and precious and never promised or guaranteed. The subtle details and careful handling of priceless items cherished by loved ones is as delicate as lace and fragile like bones.

Location: Oak Hill Cemetery, Youngstown, Ohio

Model and BTTNS pin: Sarah McCree, owner of BTTNS / Instagram: @ratchet_rahmac

Necklace designed by: Lauren, owner of Dittany / Instagram: @dittanyshop

Eyeshadow inspiration and palette by: Brittany Huffman, MUA / Instagram: @brittanyhuffman_

Bat pin designed by: Natasha Maria / Instagram: @natashamariamunster

Bones and books courtesy of: Zack Lovitz / Instagram: @burialrite_ad

Sticker designed by: Dave Slebodnick, tattoo artist at Marked Society Tattoo / Instagram: @daviddrawsdrawings

Crystals courtesy of: Nicole McCutcheon, tattoo artist at Marked Society Tattoo / Instagram: @nicole_saveface

Words and photos by Mollie Crowe (Little Blackbird Photo). Copyright (C) 2022 Little Blackbird Photo. All Rights Reserved.


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